Death and Obituary September 13th 2020

 Death and Obituary September 13th 2020  This makes me sick! Enough is enough! We are not living in a third world country... is this what we want for our future? The Democratic Party does not say a word about these actions. This is not what we stand for. How many Americans would let their family walk these streets like we used to? Exactly. This is horrible, no wonder so many fine police are retiring. They are not being treated right. Just because a few police made bad choices doesn't mean all are guilty. If the shooter was in fear for his life, why is he walking forward instead of walking back! He walked straight up to that car and shot. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard! Question: how did they know to go to the hospital to block the entrance? And how did they get there before the ambulance? And how did they organize that quickly? This looks like a planned premeditated hit organized by terrorists Arrests of these rioters with charges has got to start happening. Peaceful protests